Increase your income with a Professional Hearing Service

Support your patients

By providing information and support on our hearing services

Signpost referrals

Increase your Professional Services Income by referring patients to our hearing assessment team

What we do

Pharmacy Hearing Services offer pharmacies like yours the opportunity to extend our premium hearing services to their patients.  We cater for those in the market who require more from a hearing service and hearing device than what the NHS currently provides, along with an exemplary aftercare. 

We are working in affiliation with pharmacies nationwide, to increase their Professional Service Income whilst offering a much needed hearing service to their community.

We provide this service through a team of field based HCPC Registered Audiologists, who provide independent and professional advice tailored specifically to your patients hearing loss and life style.  

We have a range of different levels of affiliation to promote our services within your pharmacy, causing minimal disruption to your day to day business. We are all too aware of the demands and time restraints in the life of a pharmacy.

Elderly man wearing BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid connected to smartphone using the wide range of features.

Tier 1

Work with us to provide your patients with information and a simple referral process.

Tier 2

Demonstrate to your patients your knowledge of hearing services with direct referrals and confirmations.

Tier 3

Signpost your patients to our hearing services using pre-screening technology and direct referral process.

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